Bounty Offered for Capture of Fugitive Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch (see poster)

Dec 20, 2015

U.S. Marshals are willing to pay you a nice chunk of change for help in capturing fugitive ‘affluenza’ teen, Ethan Couch. 

WANTED: 'Affluenza' teen Ethan Couch

The juvenile offender is believed to have fled Texas earlier this month with his mother, after he was secretly filmed violating his home arrest by consuming alcohol, and that footage was uploaded to the Web.

In 2013 a court ordered the affluent alcoholic killer-of-four to be confined at his family mansion -- in lieu of jail -- for a 10-year probationary term that required him to abstain from drinking and to meet regularly with a parole officer.

Police suspect Ethan Couch and Tonya Couch (shown in the mug shot below) may have left the country together; and the teen’s estranged father has also confirmed that passports for both his AWOL son and wife are “missing.”

He further claims to have no knowledge of when the pair actually fled jurisdiction, or their present whereabouts.

arrest photo of affluenza teen's Tonya Couch

A massive manhunt has been launched to apprehend the duo, and U.S. Marshals additionally announced a $5000 reward over the weekend for the public’s help in bringing the infamous affluenza teen to justice.

Per the photos above, the fugitive Couchs are fair-haired Caucasians, but could be wearing disguises and may even have cosmetically altered their appearances.

Experts note that, although they have virtually-unlimited financial resources necessary for going into hiding, neither possesses the kind of “survival skills” to be on the run forever.

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