Peeping Tom Hid Video Camera in Giant Gap Shopping Bag - Pennsylvania
Dec 24, 2015,

A peeping tom who used a big ‘Gap’ shopping bag to peer up women’s skirts at a crowded Pennsylvania mall earlier this month has been arrested. 

Craigslist Hookup Proved Fatal for Lonely Widower - Oklahoma
Dec 24, 2015,

Prosecutors have charged a 44-year-old Craigslist predator in the shooting death of an Oklahoma widower she was hoping to inherit a fortune from. 

Probe of Canine Massacre Launched in Little Rock - Arkansas
Dec 23, 2015,

Arkansas officials want to know who poisoned and shot to death dozens of dogs in a densely wooded area north of Little Rock. 

Crash Dieter Jailed for Mac Attack in Perth - Scotland
Dec 23, 2015,

Crash dieter Lee Barton went ballistic on his live-in girlfriend last February when she thoughtlessly offered him a McDonald's McMuffin. 

Grim pileup at San Bernardino county morgue (thousands of unclaimed corpses)
Dec 23, 2015,

ALERT: San Bernardino officials need the public to be vigilant this holiday season, in case any next of kin are notably missing from family gatherings. 

Racist Florida Hospital Has Cops Drag Away Sick Patient in Handcuffs - She Drops Dead Minutes Later (photo)
Dec 23, 2015,

An ailing Florida woman (below), who refused to leave a hospital until she was given treatment, immediately died after being handcuffed and forcibly removed by police. 

Elderly Man Arrested in 1973 Cold Case Killing of His Young Bride - Texas
Dec 22, 2015,

A sick and elderly man has been arrested this month for the cold case bludgeoning death of his young bride in 1973.