Silk Road Perps Now Include U.S. Special Agents
Apr 6, 2015,

The massive Silk Road drug bust some 18 months ago has finally seen two of America’s top cops arrested for their illicit roles in aiding and abetting the online criminal enterprise. 

Anorexic Models Banned in France
Apr 6, 2015,

An anorexic models ban is now in effect in the fashion capitol of the world, under a new French law that makes it a crime for anyone in the rag business to employ females who appear to be “dangerously thin.” 

Woman Convicted of Feticide for Miscarriage
Apr 5, 2015,

A woman charged with feticide for miscarrying her fetus has been sentenced this week by an Indiana jury to a minimum of 20 years in prison. 

Blood Moon Murder and Dismemberment (arrest)
Apr 5, 2015,

In the glow of a Blood Moon someone dumped a duffle bag filled with human body parts in front of a Massachusetts biotechnologies building, then vamoosed. 

Not a Happy Easter for Family of Anjelica Hadsell
Apr 5, 2015,

While a happy Easter for most, the family of missing student Anjelica Hadsell somberly awaits word of the most recent effort to locate the girl, or at least her bodily remains. 

#WARNING: Secular Blogging is a Dangerous Profession
Apr 4, 2015,

Secular blogging in some parts of the world is proving to be an extremely dangerous occupation now.