GOTCHA ETHAN COUCH (Affluenza Teen and Mom Nabbed in Mexico)
Dec 29, 2015,

Shown in wanted posters below, affluenza teen Ethan Couch and his mom Tonya Couch were nabbed by U.S. and Mexican authorities last night. 

Shenzhen Landslide: Official Leaps to his Drowning Death - China
Dec 28, 2015,

A Chinese official distraught over the deadly Shenzhen landslide last week -- and his own fate as a result -- has drowned himself at the scene of the devastation. 

Mom Charged for Being High While Baby Dies (mug shot)
Dec 28, 2015,

Authorities in North Carolina accuse the 30-year-old new mom below of getting stoned out of her mind on Christmas eve, while her naked and neglected baby lay dying on the sofa. 

Bogus Boy Toy and His Gal Pal Indicted in Gay Murder Love Triangle (photos)
Dec 27, 2015,

The young California couple below has been indicted in the romantic setup and murder of a 52-year-old wealthy gay Texan last spring. 

Police Seeks Tips in Immolation Death of Cali Woman - CA
Dec 27, 2015,

Police need help finding a 51-year-old man suspected in the immolation death of a California woman on Christmas da

Reward Offered in Arkansas Dog Massacre (photo)
Dec 27, 2015,

Police and animal protection agencies investigating the Arkansas dog massacre last week are offering a big reward for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer or killers. 

Smog Alerts and Terror Warnings for XMAS
Dec 24, 2015,

Several millions of Chinese citizens -- and now some of their foreign guests -- are doubly on alert this holiday season…