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Serial Cat Killer Charged in San Jose (mug shot)
Dec 20, 2015,

San Jose resident Robert Farmer (below) has been charged for a snatch-and-kill spree that’s left at least four pet cats slain, two horrifically injured, and three more still missing and feared dead. 

Maine Man Subpoenaed for Bomb Threats That Closed LA Schools (twitter pic)
Dec 20, 2015,

Police believe the “hoax” threats to LA and NYC, which resulted in the closure of the entire Los Angeles school district this month, were emailed by 21-year-old Vincent Canfield of Maine (shown below). 

Messed Up Identity Case Could See Fresno Mom Wrongly Prosecuted (or not)
Dec 20, 2015,

In a made-for-television true crime drama, an “innocent” Fresno mom has been jailed for weeks on “false” accusations she changed her name to hide that she’s a wanted criminal. 

Bounty Offered for Capture of Fugitive Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch (see poster)
Dec 20, 2015,

U.S. Marshals are willing to pay you a nice chunk of change for help in capturing fugitive ‘affluenza’ teen, Ethan Couch. 

Tips Sought in Fatal Hit-and-Run of ISU Frosh Emmalee Jacobs (photo)
Dec 19, 2015,

Iowa State freshman Emmalee Jacobs (below) was fatally struck by a hit-and-run driver on Monday morning as she was walking toward campus to take a final exam. 

MISSING FOUND DROWNED: Family of Sam Kemp Demands Answers - Iowa
Dec 19, 2015,

Des Moines missing teen, Sam Kemp, was last seen alive at a house party the cops busted up… 

He vanished without a trace that Saturday night after leaving on foot.

Why Your State Lottery Has Probably Been Rigged by Hackers (explainer)
Dec 19, 2015,

Feds are examining jackpot payouts in over three dozen American states where cronies of a notorious lottery-hacking employee have won some very big prizes.