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Amish Girls Sexually Exploited Spared Testifying (plea deal)
Apr 8, 2015,

Two kidnapped Amish girls sexually exploited in upstate New York will likely be spared the additional trauma of having to recite their ordeal in court, officials hope. 

Attorney: Aaron Hernandez at Scene But Did Not Kill
Apr 8, 2015,

A lawyer for Aaron Hernandez, said in closing arguments that his client was at the scene when Odin Lloyd was killed, but asserted that Hernandez did not commit the murder and was uncertain as to what to do after witnessing it. 

Ax Murder Suicide Motive Dementia
Apr 8, 2015,

Officials say an ax murder suicide in Elmwood NJ over the weekend was the result of the elderly perpetrator’s dementia, and that he may have tried at least three other times to harm himself and his wife. 

Japanese POW Vivisections Admitted (photos)
Apr 7, 2015,

Japanese POW vivisections on U.S. airmen during WWII were part of a larger atrocity conducted by the rogue empire against thousands of men, women and children interred at prisoner of war camps. 

Cambridge Mass. Dismemberment: Man Held on $1-Million
Apr 7, 2015,

A suspect in the Cambridge Mass. dismemberment of a young Somerset man was ordered held on $1-million bail yesterday, as prosecutors relayed to the court the gory details of the crime he had just perpetrated. 

Aaron Hernandez Rests His Case (pic)
Apr 7, 2015,

Lawyers for accused killer Aaron Hernandez rested their case yesterday after offering only three witnesses for the defense, suggesting that today’s closing arguments could be similarly brief. 

Flakka Dope Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be (police)
Apr 6, 2015,

New designer drug Flakka might make its users feel super and superhuman at the same time, but the unearthly high it provides is not only short lived, it’s potentially lethal as well.