Australian heiress Janie Shepherd is abducted - 1977

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Janie Shepherd newspaper clipping

by Michael Thomas Barry

Australian heiress Janie Shepherd, the stepdaughter of the former chairman of BP Australia, John Darling was abducted and murdered by David Lashley on the night of February 4, 1977 in West London.  Lashley, a 50-year-old West Indian with a psychopathic hatred of white women, worked as a driver, had an obsession with blondes and raped or indecently assaulted six others between 1969 and 1977.

The pattern was always the same - he forced his way into their cars and attacked them at knifepoint. Lashley was jailed twice for rape, but was released early both times for being a model prisoner. Within three months of his first release in 1976, he raped a young blonde secretary, slashed her wrists and throttled her into unconsciousness. Eight months later, he murdered Janie Shepherd. Janie, who worked at a West End art gallery, was on her way to the Knightsbridge home of her solicitor boyfriend on the evening of February 4, 1977 when she came to Lashley's attention. Four days later her car was found abandoned in Notting Hill. Her body was not discovered until more than two months later in Hertfordshire. She had been raped and her neck crushed with such force that the bones were broken. In December 1977, Lashley was arrested for unrelated sex offenses and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Upon his release in February 1989, he was immediately arrested for Janie Shepherd’s murder. A fellow inmate testified that he heard Lashley boast about her murder. The following year Lashley was convicted of killing Shepherd and sentenced to life in prison. 


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